100 Ohm 5% 1/4W Through Hole Resistors (Pack of 10)

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Manufacturer Part Number: CFR-25JB-52-100R
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ΩMG! You're not going to be able to resist these handy resistor packs! Well, axially, they do all of the resisting for you!

This is a 10 Pack of 100 Ω Resistors. More specifically, they are carbon film, through-hole axial type, with 1/4 Watt max dissipation, 300V max voltage, 5% precision resistors. Whew! These are super common and great for use in any kit, breadboard, perf-board, or other project. We got ones with 0.4mm thick wires so they plug in nicely into solder-less breadboards.

We have a slew of different resistor packs with different ohms of resistance; check them all out here!


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