3 Wires Square Silicone Button PWM Controller (3.6V to 12VDC)

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This Square Silicone Button PWM Controller is a satisfyingly-squishy, easy-to-wire PWM output button controller with three color power-adjustment statuses in red, blue, and green. A simple way to add a three-cycle power/PWM button and a colorful universal power symbol to your project. These were originally designed for controlling heating pad modules in wearable thermal vests, but we can think of more than a couple of ways to hack this for a DIY project.

Note that this is a three-cycle button, not an on-off switch! Also, the internal LED is not connected to the switch - its independent and is an indicator only.

The red and black wires are the power input: connect to 3.6~12VDC power, red positive and black ground. The blue and black wires are then the output power, blue positive and shares the black ground wire with the input.

Press and hold for two seconds to turn it on, and the button will light up red for full-strength 100% PWM. Press the button again for 70% PWM, the button will light blue. Press again for the third low green level at 35% PWM. Long press for two seconds to turn everything off.

Note that the duty cycle for the PWM is a few seconds so it's going to work best for things like Peltiers, heaters, and maybe fans where its OK that they turn on and off.


  • Voltage: 3.7~12V
  • Current: 0~2.0A
  • Waterproof Rating: IP67
  • Wires: ~80mm 24AWG

Dimensions (in mm):

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