8 Way Arcade Joystick

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This snappy 8-way joystick beckons you to play with it! It is rugged, and not too large, reminiscent of a Pacman arcade cabinet. Unlike the potentiometer-based 2-axis and mini thumbsticks, this joystick uses 4 snap microswitches so it's good if you want a directional control but not the best choice if you want proportional output (that is, its either on/off not sensitive to small movement changes).


  • With high sensitivity, so it is easy to operate
  • It has 8 ways to operate
  • Detecting on/off position is controlled by 4 micro switches
  • Material: ABS plastic and solid alloy construction
  • Diameter of the ball: 35mm
  • The height of the pole: 38mm


  • Arcade Joystick x 1
  • 5-Pin Wire x 1

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