Bare Conductive Pi Cap

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Give your Raspberry Pi the power of 12 touch sensors

What do you get if you cross the magic of the Touch Board with the might of the Raspberry Pi?

A friendly add-on board (HAT) that adds touch sensing to your Pi projects. Designed with the Pi Zero in mind, its tiny footprint allows you to go small, portable and wireless. Want to add distance sensors to your robotics project? Need polyphonic playback for your music interface? The Pi Cap is your tool.


The Pi Cap adds precise capacitive touch and distance sensing to your Raspberry Pi. Create sensors by connecting anything conductive to one of the Pi Cap’s 12 electrodes to control audio, video or connect to the internet.

• Capacitive touch and distance sensing
• High quality audio output
• Tutorials to help you get started
• User-­programmable RGB LED
• Multi-function button
• Prototyping area with GPIO breakout
Compatible with Raspberry Pi 1 Model A+ and B+, Pi 2 Model B, Pi 3 Model A+, B and B+, Pi 4 Model B, Pi Zero and Zero W
• Powerful C++, Python and Node.js libraries and examples

Below are some project ideas to get you started!

Projection Mapping

Raspberry Pi projection mapping turns a simple graphic into an augmented reality interactive surface, activated by touch. You can find the step by step tutorial on projection mapping.

DJ Mixer

The Pi Cap has polyphonic playback, which means you can play multiple tracks together at the same time, without needing to stop a playing track first. This allows you to mix songs and tracks and create your very own DJ mixer.
Pi Cap Robot

The Pi Cap Robot can be navigated by simply touching the controller. The controller is created with Electric Paint and is then connected to the Pi Cap, which controls the motors of robot. This community project is by Clément Didier and you can see a tutorial on it.

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