Deluxe Starter Kit for BBC micro:bit

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This deluxe micro:bit starter kit is designed for people who is at the door step of learning electric circuit and programming knowledge. The kit has provided some basic electronic components like LEDs, display, buzzer, sensors, and DC motor etc. You can not only learn basic knowledge of these elements, but also use it to design circuit.

The micro: bit can interact with various electronic components through the pins on the bottom, support reading sensor data, controlling the servos and RGB lights, and can easily handle a variety of programming-related teaching and development scenarios, including writing video games, sound and light Interaction, robot control, scientific experiments, wearable device development, etc.

Note: micro:bit board is not include.

  • Support Make Code, Python programming, support APP control
  • With Assembled devices, no welding required
  • Interesting and educational gift for kids who are interested in science, technology, engineering, and electronics


  • IO Bit x 1
  • Micro USB Cable x 1
  • 4 Digit 7-Segment Display x 1
  • DC Motor x 1
  • DC Motor Bracket x 1
  • Fan x 1
  • Remote x 1
  • HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Ranging Sensor x 1
  • Ultrasonic PTZ Bracket x 1
  • Passive Buzzer x 1
  • Potentiometer x 1
  • Infrared Receiver x 1
  • Photosensitive Resistor x 1
  • Thermistor x 1
  • IR Receiver x 1
  • SW-520D Vibration Switch x 1
  • Red LED x 1
  • Green LED x 1
  • Blue LED x 1
  • White LED x 1
  • Yellow LED x 1
  • Big Key x 1
  • Female to Female Jumper Wires x 20
  • Male to Female Jumper Wires x 5


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