Handskit Soldering Iron Tip Refresher (15g)

Product Code: 1153
Manufacturer Part Number: TR-15
Manufacturer: Handskit
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It is mainly used to repair and maintain the soldering iron head, quickly remove the black layer of the welding nozzle, and tin the soldering iron head again.
The use of environmentally friendly lead-free materials can clean the oxide on the soldering iron head and restore the brightness and tin application ability of the soldering iron head.
First adjust the temperature of the welding nozzle to 300 ~ 360℃, let the soldering nozzle rub with the resurrection paste repeatedly, then clean the soldering nozzle with a cleaning sponge or steel ball, and finally coat with a new tin layer to make the soldering nozzle as bright as new.
When the tip surface starts to oxidize during operation, it becomes dark and does not wet properly.
To improve work efficiency, you need this tip refresher.

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