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Pin Description:1.GND-Gound2.VCC-Positive Voltage(2.8-5.5V)3.SCL-Clock Line4.SDA-Data Line5.RES-Rese..
The MG996R Digital Servo from TowerPro features all metal gearing resulting in 10kg torque and 55g..
This is an incredibly simple two cell 18650 Battery Holder. When someone thinks of 18650 Cells the..
37 in 1 Sensor Module Kit for Arduino
This is a complete sensor module kit for Arduino beginners, it contains 37 sensor modules. The 37 ..
The Arduino Motor Shield allows your arduino to drive DC and stepper motors, relays and solenoids.Th..
The ease of use of a Nano board with the addition of secure IoT and BT connectivity.This small, robu..
Everything you need to learn about parallel circuits. No tools, no programming, no wires or special..
Basic Starter Kit for Arduino
The Basic Starter Kit for Arduino is an excellent kit to learn more about Arduino. This kit includ..
Basic Starter Kit for Raspberry Pi
This is the Kit for Raspberry Pi, developed especially for those beginners who are interested in R..
CrowPi is an educational tool based on Raspberry Pi, designed to help people learn electronics, ..
Wide input and output voltage, high conversion efficiency. The whole network smallest adjustable boo..
This little sensor looks an awful lot like the popular DHT11/DHT22 temperature and humid..
Electronic Component Kit for Arduino
This kit is Arduino compatible. It was designed to be used with your Arduino. It contains everythi..
This EMAX servo is an entry level servo for beginners who like to enjoy servo controlling fun. Thi..
ESP32-A1S is an ultra-small, powerful volume multifunction audio module, the main chip uses a lo..
Normal GPS antennas are optimized for the US based GPS reception which is great but with more and ..
The metal D-645MW is part of our D-Series servo line. All Hitec D-Series servos have been designed..
This 1m cable connects from micro HDMI to full sized HDMI. It's a perfect fit for the Raspberry Pi..
The NRF24L01+ module is one of the famous wireless RF module for makers. There are tones of tuto..
This small synchronous switching step-down (or buck) regulator takes an input voltage of up to 50&..
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