3-Channel Digital Multi Servo Tester

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A simple Controller and Tester for Servo. Connect your servos to this module then you can control the servo by the potentiometer on this module. With this module, you can easily control your servo manually, even without any microcontroller! 2 servos (bush or bushless) can be controlled or tested at the same time.

The servo tester can test in 3 different methods (choose by 'select' button') :

  • Manual mode: By adjusting the rotary knob the speed can be adjusted
  • Neutral mode: The servo returns to the 'neutral' position
  • Wiper mode: The servo automatically keeps moving from one end of the stroke to the other end.


  • Input voltage: 4.2-6.0 VDC
  • Output current: 15 mA  (Warming: Only suitable for smaller and unloaded servos, for example the SG90 and MG90)
  • Delay driver: 1.5 ms

Note: The pinout is indicated on the tester.

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