Anemometer Wind Speed Sensor

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This wind speed sensor is mainly designed for proofing rain. It adopts three half sphere bowls with 6CM diameter, presenting 120 degrees branch installation. Under the effect of wind power, it can spin. Higher wind speed, faster it rotates. When wind spinning component rotates with a diameter about 20Cm, it will force a mini DC motor to generate DC voltage. Higher wind speed will generate higher DC voltage. Its maximum voltage generated can reach 1.2V. You can refer to the attached parameter form in the behind for actual wind speed and voltage output parameter. Its tolerance is about 10%.


  • Analog Output from 0 to 1.2V DC
  • Measure wind speed
  • As speed increases, voltage increases
  • Number of bowls: 3
  • Bowl Type: Spherical
  • Bowl Diameter: 2.36 inch
  • Bowl Pitch: 120 degrees
  • Diameter of Anemometer: 7.8 inches
  • Zinc Alloy Base with 2 mounting holes
  • Base Screw Hole Mount Size: M6
  • Cable Length: approx 9.8ft
  • Suitable for DIY Weather Stations, Raspberry Pi and Arduino Weather Station projects and other projects where a microcontroller is used to measure wind speed.
  • Wind Speed Measuring Range: 0 to 62mph
  • Pinout:
    • Red: Power
    • Black: Signal Out - values from 0 to 1.2V DC (connect to microcontroller)

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