Bare Conductive Electric Paint Circuit Kit

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Everything you need to learn about parallel circuits.

No tools, no programming, no wires or special skills required.

Learn how Electric Paint works and tune your electronics skills by painting electrical circuits on paper. This simple electric circuit kit comes with easy instructions and a clearly marked template, making drawing your circuit as easy as squeezing a tube and tracing a line. Add a battery to power the LED lights and bring your circuit city to life!

Even if you have pre-existing electrical knowledge, the Electric Paint Circuit Kit provides hands-on experience with our Electric Paint. Painting simple electrical circuits on a template will enable you to familiarise yourself with the paints viscosity and application technique.

LEVEL: Beginner

About Electric Paint
Electric Paint is just like any other paint, except that it conducts electricity. It is carbon-based, non-toxic and water soluble. Paint circuits, or use as a conductive adhesive on almost any material or surface, including paper, plastic, textiles and conventional electronics.

How do circuits work?

Electric Paint is conductive when dry. When it is connected to a power source, it creates a path for current to flow through. In this instance, the current lights up a bulb. A parallel circuit divides the voltage from the battery into two or more paths, before recombining to complete the circuit. This is how one power source can brightly light more than one bulb at a time.
What do you learn with this kit?

This kit is great for those who are looking to familiarise themselves with Electric Paint. While creating your city, you will learn how to paint a circuit on paper and how an electric current works. When you connect your LEDs with a battery, you will see the workings of basic circuits. A simple break in this electronic circuit gives you control over your LED lights. The mechanical button in the kit lets you open and close the space in your paint circuit, so acts as a conductive light switch.

Use your new found knowledge and tools from this kit to customise your city layout, draw different types of circuits, or to explore other electrical and science projects.

What's included in this kit?

The kit comes with all the components you need to create your city; an Electric Paint 10ml tube to draw your parallel circuit, a base with foldable house templates, LEDs and easy to follow instructions to help you put it all together. The flat sided LEDs in the kit are much simpler to connect to your paper circuit then traditional through-hole LEDs.

A power supply is not included in this kit, however, a 9V battery is easily found at most stores.


  • 1 x Electric Paint 10ml tube
  • 5 x LED carrier board
  • 1 x Card base template
  • 6 x Assorted 3D objects to fold
Note: Not included: 9V Battery

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