Raspberry Pi 5 Case (Red/White)

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Manufacturer: Raspberry Pi
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The Raspberry Pi 5 case is a refinement of the Raspberry Pi 4 case. With improved thermal features to support the higher peak power consumption of Raspberry Pi 5, it integrates a variable-speed fan. The fan is powered and controlled from a dedicated connector on the Raspberry Pi 5 PCB.


  • Axial fan spec:
    • 30mm × 30mm × 7.5mm dimensions
    • Four wires: power, ground, PWM, and tachometer
    • The fan is quiet with an FDB bearing for low noise and increased longevity (50k hours)
    • Max fan speed is 8000RPM
    • Max airflow is approx 2.79CFM
  • Case spec:
    • A four-part ABS plastic enclosure that easily clips together
    • An accessories envelope included in the box contains a dedicated Pi 5 heatsink to stick on the CPU, plus four silicone feet on a strip


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