Raspberry Pi 5 Starter Kit Pro

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The Raspberry Pi 5 Starter Kit Pro is now available!

Raspberry Pi 5: The next iteration of the Raspberry Pi single board computer featuring a 64-bit quad-core Arm Cortex-A76 processor running at 2.4GHz, Raspberry Pi 5 delivers a 2–3× increase in CPU performance relative to Raspberry Pi 4. Alongside a substantial uplift in graphics performance from an 800MHz VideoCore VII GPU; dual 4Kp60 display output over HDMI; and state-of-the-art camera support from a rearchitected Raspberry Pi Image Signal Processor, it provides a smooth desktop experience for consumers, and opens the door to new applications for industrial customers.

5-Layer Acrylic Case: This 5 layers acrylic case is tailor-made for the Raspberry Pi 5 and can effectively protect all components on the Raspberry Pi board. Its transparent material not only increases the appearance, but also ensures unimpeded transmission of WiFi and Bluetooth signals. The top space is specially reserved for the installation of the official radiator, so that your Raspberry Pi 5 can stay cool when running with high load. On the side of the case, we have also reserved 40PIN, camera, USB, Type-C, micro-HDMI, POE, UART and other interfaces, allowing you to easily access various peripherals and achieve more functional expansion.

27W USB-C PD Power Supply: The 27W USB-C PD Power Supply is specifically designed for the Raspberry Pi 5. It's an cost-effective choice, particularly for users aiming to drive high-power peripherals through the four USB ports on Raspberry Pi 5. It supports output power up to 27W and comes with a PD power supply protocol.

Micro HDMI to HDMI Cable: This 1.5m cable connects from micro HDMI to full sized HDMI. It's a perfect fit for the Raspberry Pi 4/5, which features micro HDMI ports.

Active Cooler: The Active Cooler provides an alternative cooling solution for users who wish to use their Raspberry Pi 5 under sustained heavy load without a case, but you might want to add one of our fancy Active Cooler covers for protection!

32GB microSDHC Memory Card: The SanDisk Ultra microSDHC UHS-I Card lets you shoot and save more high-quality photos and Full HD (1) videos on your Android smartphone or tablet. From a world leader in flash memory storage, this card features a Class 10 speed rating for capturing Full HD video and read speeds of up to 120MB/s (2) for ultra-fast file transfer.

SD Card Reader: This USB 2.0 microSD Card Reader works on PC, Mac or even Raspberry Pi allowing you to write new images to your SD Card for operation on your Pi.

The Kit includes:

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