RTC Battery Holder for Raspberry Pi 5 (Without 2032 Battery)

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The Raspberry Pi 5 includes an RTC module. This can be powered by the button battery through the J5 (wire with JST type SH 2P connector) connector located on the circuit board to the right of the USB-C power connector. In the event of a network outage or power outage, RTC can still save clock information. In addition, the RTC interface can also be used to implement timer functions, such as timed wake-up, timed interruption, etc. This is very useful for applications that require precise time control.


  • Material: Plastic
  • Interface: SH-1.0mm 2P terminal
  • Applicable: CR2032 non rechargeable battery, LIR2032 rechargeable battery

Note: No configuration is required when using the CR2032 non rechargeable battery. When using the LIR2032 rechargeable battery, the charging configuration needs to be activated.

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