SH72 Electric Soldering Iron Kit (65W)

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SH72 is a popular portable electric soldering iron needs to be connected to DC12-24V power supply adapter for power supply.


  • Power: 65W
  • Power Interface: 5.5 x 2.5
  • Working Voltage: DC12-24V (inner positive and outside negative)
  • Work Current: >=1.5A
  • Temperature Range: 220-400℃
  • Tip Type: SH-B2
  • Size of Control Handle: 101 x 16
  • Tip Size: 115 x 5.5mm
  • Package Size: 165 x 85 x 22mm
  • After the package is opened, loosen and remove the fastening nut
  • Insert the head of soldering tip with conducting ring into the soldering iron seat
  • Insert and tighten the nut; tighten the soldering tip
  • Rotate the thermal control turntable and set it to proper temperature (increase the temperature it is rotated clockwise; reduce the temperature it is rotated anticlockwise)
  • Power on the well-prepared power adapter (DC12-24V); insert the DC plug to DC seat of the control handle of the soldering iron
Change Solder Tip:
  • Disconnect SH72 power supply
  • Loosen and remove the fitting nut
  • Pull out the original solder tip and insert another solder tip again
  • Insert and tighten the fitting nut again
Reference Table for Soldering Iron Supply Voltage and Current:
Operation Voltage Electric Current Power
12V >=1.5A 18W
16V >=2A 32W
19V >=2.1A 40W
24V >=2.7A 65W

Package Included:
  • SH72 65W Electric Soldering Iron x 1
  • Solder Iron Tip SH-B2 x 1
  • Power Supply x 1
  • Soldering Iron Stand with Sponge x 1
  • English User Manual x 1

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