Submersible 3V DC Water Pump (Horizontal Type)

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Manufacturer Part Number: JT-DC3W-3
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Make fountains or plant-watering projects with this submersible water pump. It's great for beginner projects and super easy to use! The pump is basically a DC motor that is powered with 3V and draws 100mA. When powered, the pump sucks water in from the side of the plastic casing and pushes it out the tubing port. The pump must be primed by keeping it inside water at all times. Reversing the polarity does not turn it into a suction device, it will only pump water!

This isn't for use with drinking water! We don't have longevity rating for this pump, we've run it for a week and it seems OK but we would not recommend it for long term installations. It's best used by students and artists who want something simple and inexpensive.

You can PWM the motor to speed up or slow down the flow rate. Works great with either a power transistor (basic on/off) or a motor driver chip such as the L293D.


  • Wire Length: 23cm
  • Pump Body: 45mm long
  • Pump Body Diameter: 23.5mm


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