UART Capacitive Fingerprint Sensor Kit (SFM-V1.7)

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The SFM-V1.7 integrated semiconductor fingerprint module integrates a color surround light strip, which is mainly composed of an integrated fingerprint sensor and fingerprint algorithm. Realize fingerprint registration, comparison and deletion functions. The module has an exquisite, thin and integrated appearance, has a ring-shaped cool breathing light, fast fingerprint recognition, high security, supports 360-degree recognition at any angle, deep self-learning function, high performance and low power consumption. The module uses standard UART communication. Can provide customers with efficient and flexible secondary development support. At the same time, the integrated chip greatly reduces the size of the fingerprint module. The product structure is simple and modular design improves the stability and consistency of the product.

The SFM-V1.7 semiconductor fingerprint module application provides a usable external control part through the serial port to communicate with each other in accordance with the SFM-V1.7 integrated program communication protocol to realize a fingerprint processing module function platform. Convenient for secondary development. It is widely used in fingerprint door locks, drawer locks, fingerprint collectors, identification, authorization and embedded biological touch.



  • Working current: the current when the fingerprint module is in the imaging state, such as the registration process and comparison process
  • Static power consumption: the current when the fingerprint power supply voltage of the fingerprint module is 0 level and the touch power supply voltage is 3.3V; if the touch power supply voltage exceeds the specified range, abnormalities may occur
  • Communication interface: standard UART TTL level
  • Baud rate: default 115200 bps, 1 start bit, 1 stop bit, 3.3V TTL level
  • Connector: XH-6-1.0, 6-Pin wire harness vertical strip connector, spacing 1.0mm

Pin definition:

Note: The serial port is 3.3V TTL level, and the computer needs level conversion. V_TOUCH must be powered all the time, TOUCH_OUT for touch output, the touch chip output is active high and the level value is consistent with V_TOUCH. When the finger touches the gold TOUCH_OUT outputs the effective level when it belongs to the frame surface.

Connection with serial port (CH340):

To achieve the optimal low-power design, it is recommended to keep the VCC_3V3 of the module in the power-off state in actual application and control the voltage on or off by judging the TOUCH_OUT pin signal. When TOUCH_OUT present a valid level, the VCC_3V3 power supply is enabled, and the fingerprint module enters the working state at this time.

The Kit includes:

  • Capacitive Fingerprint Sensor Module x 1
  • USB to UART TTL Board x 1
  • 6-Pin Wire x 1

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