Uno R4 WiFi Compatible Board with USB-C Cable

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This Uno R4 WiFi development board improved version compatible with Arduino Uno R4 WiFi.


  • Hardware compatibility with Uno form factor, 5V operating voltage, as the Uno R3, compatible with existing shields and projects
  • The Uno R4 introduces a range of on-board peripherals, including a 12-bit DAC, CAN BUS, and OP AMP
  • The Uno R4 supports a wider input voltage range, allowing power supplies up to 24V
  • SWD connector, Simply connect an external debugger and effortlessly monitor the inner workings of your code and hardware
  • HID Support: The Uno R4 WiFi comes with built-in HID (Human Interface Device) support, enabling it to simulate a mouse or keyboard
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth: The Uno R4 WiFi hosts an ESP32-S3 module
  • Additional Pins: "OFF" pin to turn off the board
  • RTC: Support for battery-powered RTC the "VRTC" pin to keep the internal Real-Time Clock powered and running
  • RTC: Qwiic I2C connector, allowing easy connection to nodes from the extensive Qwiic ecosystem
  • LED Matrix: Bright 12x8 red LED matrix


  • Operating Voltage: 5V
  • Memory: 256KB Flash / 32KB SRAM
  • Input Voltage: 6-24V
  • Clock Speed: 48 MHz
  • Programming Port: USB-C
  • MCU: RA41M1 from Renesas (Cortex M4)
  • WiFi/BLE: ESP32-S3-MINI
  • HID device (emulate a mouse or a keyboard)
  • Improved power section (up to 24V through VIN)
  • CAN bus
  • DAC (12 bits)
  • Op amp
  • WiFi® / Bluetooth® Low Energy
  • Fully-addressable LED matrix with 96 red LEDs (12×8)
  • Qwiic I2C connector
  • RTC (with support for a buffer battery)
  • Runtime errors diagnostics

Note: This is an Arduino-comptabile product, meaning it is not a Made in Italy Arduino. Arduino hardware and software are open source, so high quality Arduino-compatible hardware may be made by multiple vendors. Please ensure that all support issues for Arduino-compatible products are addressed to us.

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