2WD Smart Robot Car Chassis Kit (Clear)

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This is the ideal chassis for robot makers!

The 2WD Smart Robot Car Chassis is made of imported acrylic material with high-precision laser cutting. It is featured with a double rotary encoder disk which can be used for speed.

This chassis is sturdy, easy to assemble and has proper slots for all your sensors (line sensors, ultrasonic, servos, encoders, etc.)

The board has 2 layers and can easily accommodate Arduino’s, Raspberry Pi’s (other controllers) and battery packs.


  • Acrylic Chassis x 2
  • Rubber Tire Wheel x 2
  • Hobby Gearmotor x 2
  • Caster Bearing Wheel x 1
  • Motor Encoder x 2
  • Rocker Switch x 1
  • Mini Screwdriver x 1
  • 4 x AA Battery Holder x 1
  • Screws, Nuts, Bolts and Wires

Dimension: 18.5cm x 13cm x 8cm

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