DC-DC MP2482 SY8205 5A Step-Down Buck Module

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This is a step-down buck module, 7V-24V to 5V servo driver power board.


  • 7V-30V voltage input
  • Using synchronous rectification, higher efficiency
  • Same size, same as MP2482 Pin 2Pin, shape interface
  • The capacitor adopts large-capacity ceramic chip capacitor, which is not easy to damage and has lower heat generation
  • Large current and large package inductance to further reduce heat generation


  • Input Power: 7V-30V, recommended below 24V
  • Output Voltage: 5V
  • Output Current: 5A Max.
  • The power supply of the steering gear can be directly connected to the steering gear, and can be used as a power module when it is broken

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