HC-SR312 PIR Motion Sensor

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The HC-SR312 human body induction module is a digital intelligent automatic control product based on passive human body infrared technology, with high sensitivity and reliability. It is widely used in all kinds of automatic induction electrical equipment.


  • Low power consumption, small size, easy for embedded installation
  • Internal digital signal processing, anti-interference enhancement
  • High sensitivity and high reliability, can be widely used in automatic sensing circuit technical parameters
  • Anti-interference enhancement, internal use of digital signal processing, direct high and low level output
  • Repeatable trigger mode: after induction output high level, the time delay period, if there is the human body in the scope of its induction activities, its output will always keep a high level, until the people left after the delay, it becomes low level (that is, the sensing module automatically delays a delay period after detecting each activity of the human body, and takes the time of the last activity as the starting point of the delay time)


  • Working Voltage: DC 2.7-12V
  • Static Power Consumption: <0.1mA
  • Delay Time: 2 seconds
  • Blocking Time: 2 seconds
  • Trigger Mode: repeatable
  • Sensing Range: ≤100 degree cone angle, 3-5 meters (depending on the specific lens)
  • Working Temperature: -20 - +60°C
  • PCB Dimensions: 10mm x 8mm

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