Official Raspberry Pi Case for Pi B+/Pi 2/Pi 3

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Manufacturer Part Number: RASPBERRY-PI3-CASE
Manufacturer: Raspberry Pi
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The first 'official' case from the Raspberry Pi Foundation is here in Raspberry Pi's sleek pink and white!

The case comes in five parts so you can snap in sides or tops according to how you're using your Pi.  If you want a GPIO cable coming out of the top or want to add a hat, there's an impressive pink top with a cut-out in the center for more flexibility.  Or, if you're not a fan of seeing your Pi, there's a white lid that conveniently fills in the gap.

This case's smart design and customizability makes it a worthy addition to the Pi case genre!

Using this with HATs is possible but can be a little tricky. If you have a 'slim' HAT. If your hat uses 'standard' 8.5mm tall headers as we/most others use, you can use the case by removing the pink and white top parts and just use the bottom/sides. Or, if you're feeling crafty, you can use a 'standard' height hat by cutting off the pink nub on the pink top with a pair of pliers (its easy to do) and then put the HAT on the Pi before placing in the case. Then snap it into the pink top, and snap the pink top + Pi combo into the bottom. (That is, you assemble it top-down not bottom-up). Its a snug fit but it does work.

This product is just the case.  It does not come with Raspberry Pi or components.  It's designed for the Pi 3 Model B and Pi 3 Model B+  but will also work OK with Pi B+ and Pi 2 if you don't mind that the LED light pipes are blocked (the LEDs moved on the Pi 3)


  • Raspberry Red and White
  • 5 part enclosure
  • External Dimensions: Length 96mm , Width 71mm, Depth 26mm
  • Cut-outs for all connection points and MicroSD card cut-out
  • Plastic LED light protector
  • Stick on rubber feet for stability

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