Peltier Thermoelectric Cooler Module

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Manufacturer Part Number: TEC1-12706
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A thermoelectric cooling (TEC) module is a semiconductor-based electronic component that functions as a small heat pump. By applying the DC power source to a TEC, heat will be transferred from one side of the module to the other. It creates a cold and hot side. They are widely used in industrial areas, for example, computer CPU, CCDs, portable refrigerators, medical instruments, and so on.


  • Model: TEC1-12706
  • Wire Specification: lead length 300±5mm RV standard wire/single head 5mm tinned
  • Internal Resistance: 2.1~2.5Ω (ambient temperature 23±1℃, 1kHZ Ac test)
  • Rated Voltage: 12V (Vmax: 15V starting current 5.8A)
  • Maximum Temperature Difference: above 60
  • Cooling Power: Qcmax 58-65W
  • Assembly Pressure: 85N/cm2
  • Maximum Current: 6A
  • Maximum Voltage: 15.4V
  • Working Environment: temperature range -55℃~83℃ (too high ambient temperature will directly affect cooling efficiency)
  • Packaging Process: standard 704 silicone rubber sealing around
  • Storage Conditions: ambient temperature -10℃~40℃
  • Storage Conditions: -40~60℃
  • Size: 40 x 40 x 3.8mm

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