Solar Electric Mechanical Dog

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This Solar Electric Mechanical Dog can improve children's practical ability, learn and understand the principles of cone mechanical transmission and connecting rod transmission.
The built-in 3.3 million UF super capacitor can store electricity to drive Tanyang energy and dry battery. It can be operated day and night. It is more convenient for children to understand the conversion and storage of electric energy.
The front and rear limb activities are designed with bionic concept, with real image.
Worry free installation is equipped with installation tutorial app 3D dynamic digital manual, each step is easy to install.


  • Long Working Time: both support solar energy and battery, can be played at anytime and anywhere
  • Function Introduction: easy to learn and install, stimulate interest, and improve children's practical ability, creativity and imagination
  • Material: ABS + electronic components
  • Battery: solar cell or 2 x AAA
  • Suitable Age: over 8 years old
  • Size: 12 x 6 x 7.5cm

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