Zero Delay Arcade USB Encoder Kit (4.8mm Connector)

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The Zero Delay USB PCB Encoder for PS3/PC/Raspberry Pi is one of the simplest and most economical options to use when building an arcade machine or fight stick project and is compatible with Windows, PS3 and Raspberry Pi. Installation is very straight forward, simply connect your joystick and buttons to the included wiring and plug into the PCB, plug the USB cable into your PS3/PC/Laptop or Raspberry Pi, map your buttons in either RetroPi or Mame and that's it! You can also use multiple Zero Delay boards at the same time. When using Mame (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator), each Zero Delay PCB will be recognized as "Joy 1", "Joy 2" etc, so building a multi player arcade machine has never been so easy. The Zero Delay board is supplied with all required wiring and also a USB cable.

Note: We carry 2 different size crimped wires. The 2.8mm option is suitable for Japanese style controls, such as Sanwa or Seimitsu and the 4.8mm option is suitable for American style controls, such as IL/Classic or Suzo Happ.


  • Low cost encoder for PS3/PC/Raspberry Pi
  • Easy to connect joystick and buttons for various arcade projects
  • Compatible with Windows and Raspberry Pi
  • Use multiple Zero Delay PCB for a multiplayer arcade machine project
  • Common ground PCB
  • No special drivers required
  • Simple installation - plug and play

The Kit includes:

  • Zero delay encoder PCB x 1
  • USB cable x 1
  • 4.8mm wire sets for buttons & joystick x 13

Please Note:

  • The Zero Delay PCB is NOT compatible with Brook Adapters
  • This PCB works natively on Sony PlayStation 3 (No Home button support)
  • Mode button toggles joystick input and left analogue/POV hat switch input (useful for games or emulators that require one or the other)
  • Activate AUTO FIRE or TURBO mode by pressing the desired input buttons and AUTO or TURBO button at the same time
  • The Mode LED will flash as the auto fire is in use, 12Hz input frequency
  • To deactivate AUTO FIRE or TURBO, press the input buttons and CLR

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