MQ-2 Flammable Gas and Smoke Sensor

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The MQ-2 Sensor is highly sensitive to smoke, LPG, propane and hydrogen. This sensor has both analog and digital output and a potentiometer for setting the trigger threshold.


  • Using high-quality dual-panel design, with power indicator and TTL signal output instructions
  • There are four screw holes for easy positioning
  • Analog output voltage with the higher concentration of higher voltage
  • TTL output valid signal is low (Low-level signal when the output light can be directly connected to the microcontroller or relay module)
  • The switching signal having a DO (TTL) output and analog output AO


  • Chip: LM393, ZYMQ-2 gas sensors
  • Working Voltage: DC 5V
  • AO Output: 0.1-0.3 V (relative to pollution), the maximum concentration of a voltage of about 4V
  • DO Output: TTL digital 0 and 1 (0.1 and 5V)
  • Input Voltage: DC5V Power consumption (current): 150mA

Note: After the sensor is powered, needs wait about 20S, measured data was stable, heat sensor is a normal phenomenon, because the internal heating wire.

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